CMRS Grant Program

In July 2006, HB 656 reapportioned the CMRS Fund to include the deposit of 10% of the total monthly revenues into the CMRS Grant Fund to be disbursed or reserved for disbursement by the CMRS Board to provide direct grants or matching money:
  1. For the establishment and improvement of E911 services in the Commonwealth;
  2. For incentives to create more efficient delivery of E911 services by local governments receiving funding;
  3. For improvement of 911 infrastructure by wireless carriers receiving funding;
  4. For consolidation reimbursement of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per PSAP, not to exceed two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) per county, to any PSAP that consolidates with a CMRS certified PSAP, or creates a newly consolidated Phase II compliant PSAP. Funds shall be applied toward the cost of consolidating. If a PSAP consolidates and receives reimbursement, the CMRS Board shall not certify a new PSAP within the same county for a period of ten (10) years.

For additional CMRS Grant information, please contact:
Krista Harrod
CMRS Policy Advisor
(502) 564-3911