Staff Directory

The CMRS Board staff is ready to assist you in any way we can.  Please do not hesitate to call or email us anytime.  Our contact information is listed below.
Joe Barrows, Executive Director 
Joe Barrows was appointed by Governor Beshear as the Executive Director of the CMRS Board in July 2009 but his familiarity with CMRS goes back more than 15 years.  Joe, an attorney from Versailles, served 27 years in the General Assembly as the State Representative from Woodford County.  He served 10 years as the Majority Whip and in 1998 sponsored HB 673 which created the CMRS Board and established its mission.  In 2006, Joe sponsored HB 656 at the request of the CMRS Board and KENA/APCO which updated the original legislation and created the CMRS Grant Fund. KENA/APCO recognized Joe Barrows for a career of legislative contributions to the 911 community.
Contact Joe at or (502) 564-3911 ext. 8327.

Tandy Hubbard, Deputy Administrator 
Tandy joined the Office of the 911 Coordinator/CMRS Board in May 2005 after serving as an intern during the summer of 2004. Tandy Graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Kentucky in August 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integrated Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Geography. Tandy oversees the CMRS Grant Progam, serves as a liaison between the PSAPs and the Board, assists PSAPs in their efforts to certify and maintain CMRS PSAP Certification and takes care of the quarterly PSAP payment disbursements.  She is also involved in the Next Generation 911 projects the Board has embarked upon and the Carrier Cost Recovery program. In October 2014, Tandy earned her Emergency Number Professional (ENP) designation from the National Emergency Number Association. 
Contact Tandy at or (502) 564-3911 ext.8324.
Krista Harrod, Policy Advisor 
Krista joined the team in November 2010 after serving as a summer intern in 2010. Krista has a Bachelor’s Degree in  Accounting as well as an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts.  Krista handles many of the financial and contractual responsibilities of the Board, is in charge of all Carrier receipts remitted to the Board and is a grant manager for the CMRS Board’s PSAP Grant program.
Contact Krista at or (502) 564-3911 ext.8326.


Sallie Bolton, Executive Secretary
Sallie joined the Office of the 911 Coordinator/CMRS Board in September of 2015, after working 15 years for the Legislative Research Commission.  Sallie holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from the University of Kentucky with an emphasis in journalism and marketing.  She is a retired Army Major, having spent more than 25 years in the military.  During her military career, Sallie served as a logistics officer for the 1/302nd Armor Calvary Brigade and later served as the Division Public Affairs Officer for the 100th Division. Sallie manages the day to day operations of the CMRS Board and the Board's Commitees.   


Contact Sallie at or (502) 564-3911 ext. 8301.