EFT Set-up

Updated 02/07/2013

Important Information regarding the CMRS Board's EFT System

The CMRS Board’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment application is now up and running!!
After several months "off line," the CMRS Board's EFT remittance system has been revamped and is now operational again.

Access the CMRS Board's EFT system.

*Before logging into the EFT system for the first time, you will be required to register as a new user with Kentucky.gov.  Once you have registered, please email Krista Harrod at krista.harrod@ky.gov with your username information so that she may grant you access to the system.

Only one username should be created per Carrier.  This will enable the system to keep up with your Carrier's payment history more accurately.

All information requested to be provided is authorized by KRS 65.7630 and requires a response.  Please contact the CMRS Board Staff with any questions you may have at (502) 564-3911.

You may download the letter sent to Carriers regarding the update here: EFT UPDATE LETTER.