Chapter 65

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Emergency Telephone Service

.750 Definitions for KRS 65.750 to 65.760
.752 Requirements for enhanced 911 emergency service -- Privacy of information.
.754 Penalties for violations of KRS 65.752.
.755 Digits reserved for emergency telephone number.
.760 Establishment of 911 emergency telephone service by city, county, or urban-county government -- Funding.

Wireless Enhanced Emergency 911 Systems

.7621 Definitions for KRS 65.7621 to 65.7643.
.7623 Commercial Mobile Radio Service Emergency Telecommunications Board of Kentucky.
.7625 Appointment and duties of state administrator of commercial mobile radio service emergency telecommunications.
.7627 Commercial mobile radio service emergency telecommunications fund.
.7629 Powers and duties of board.
.7631 Apportionment of money in fund.
.7633 Promulgation of administrative regulations by board.
.7635 Duty of commercial mobile radio service providers to act as collection agents for fund -- Procedure for collection of service charges.
.7637 Limitations of liability for CMRS providers and service suppliers.
.7639 Information to be given to board by CMRS providers -- Confidentiality of information.
.7640 Mobile telecommunications services -- Adoption of federal provisions -- Notification of service provider about errors -- Correction and refund -- Exhaustion of remedies.
.7641 Illegal use of wireless emergency telephone service -- Penalties.
.7643 Construction of KRS 65.7621 to 65.7643 with respect to Communications Act of 1934.