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Regulation Amendment & CMRS GeoAudit

In 2007, the CMRS Board requested an amendment through the Legislative Research Commission to 202 KAR 6:100, the regulation that encompasses initial Phase II Certification requirements and other requirements necessary to maintain Phase II Certification.

As part of the process, the KENA/APCO membership was given an opportunity to comment on recommended changes and a public hearing was scheduled by the CMRS Board.  The proposed amendment completed the state review process and became effective August 31, 2007.

Here is a summary of significant changes to the regulation:

  • Mapping data sets are due once a year during the month of October.
  • Submit an electronic copy of the PSAPs digital map of jurisdictional response area and digital road centerlines.
  • Road centerlines shall be prepared and attributed with only items outlined in the CMRS Board UPDATED: PSAP Mapping Requirements Table.

Changes to the geospatial audit:

  • Address data accuracy 90 percent.
  • Geospatial positional accuracy of all geographic elements submitted shall be within 33 feet of its true location plus the accuracy of device used to conduct test.
  • PSAPs mapping components shall:
    • Identify the incoming 911 call on the map;
    • Identify the closest assigned address to the X,Y coordinate; or,
    • In absence of X,Y coordinate, PSAP mapping component shall identify the cell site and cell face.
  • A minimum of 20 points will be tested for accuracy of road centerlines.
  • The audit shall cover a valid cross section of urban and rural
  • In a situation where PSAP response areas encompass multiple counties a sampling of a minimum of 20 locations per county shall be tested.

Mapping components shall also:

  • Plot on the correct side of the street;
  • Plot within the correct cross streets; and,
  • Plot within 1/10 of a mile of their location on PSAP supplied base

If you have questions or comments please contact the CMRS Board office at (502) 564-3911.

​Phase II Certified PSAP Road Centerline Data

Kentucky Phase II Certified PSAP Road Centerline Data

Complete a CMRS Board Road Centerline Data Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Applicable road centerline data for your county and adjoining Kentucky counties.

Mail the completed form to:


CMRS Board
125 Holmes Street
Suite 310
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601


Kentucky Phase II Certified PSAP Boundary Maps

PSAP Boundaries (Zipped File)
(Caution: Very Large file size - 8MB)

Additional Mapping Resources

Kentucky's County Boundaries

(Commonwealth Office of Technology, Division of Geographic Information, Maps of Kentucky Counties)

Three zipped files for counties: Single Zone, State Plane North, and State Plane South.